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A Broader View of Thyroid

The attached information will help both professionals and patients. Evolution and ecology have shaped our defenses against weight loss. Once you understand these ideas, you’ll see that the conventional “Measure TSH, treat with T4” approach does not really show what’s going on with the patient’s system.

Please read the following for better understanding:

Papers by Rowsemitt and Najarian 2011 Thyroid Science

Editorial Comment
Rowsemitt and Najarian

Najarian and Rowsemitt

Thyroid from a different Perspective

I also work with people who feel they have symptoms of low thyroid with or without weight issues. Some are treated with levothyroxine (T4) and do not feel well-treated.  Others with normal TSH may have many symptoms of low thyroid yet are told their thyroid is normal.  Since most providers following the current standard of care for evaluating and treating hypothyroidism, they evaluate thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and treat with T4.

My broader view of hypothyroidism leads me to assess a variety of lab values as well as listening to your report of symptoms to determine how to treat your thyroid problems.

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